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Paver Sealing Near Me And Paver Sealers Near Me

You can top searching for paver sealing near me because the team at Barrett Pressure Washing is here to help! For over 15 years our amazing team have been cleaning and sealing pavers.

We Can Seal Your Pavers And Driveways

Have you ever looked at your driveway or patio and thought about how much better it could look with a fresh seal? You're not alone. At Barrett Pressure Washing, we specialize in paver sealing, ensuring that every paver in the Tampa Bay area looks its absolute best.

If you've got paving stones or brick pavers that have seen better days, we're here to restore them to their former glory. And guess what? We don’t just seal them; we clean and restore them, too.

  • Sealers are essential to protect your pavers from rain and stains, ensuring they look fantastic for years to come.
  • We use top-notch water-based sealers, designed to give your pavers natural color and shine, reducing the cost in the long run.
  • Worried about weeds growing between your stones? Our sealing process can keep those unwanted plants at bay.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your outdoor living space now. Dive in for more information.

Barrett Pressure Washing Is The Leading Paver Sealer In The Tampa Bay Area

Did you know that paver sealing is not just about the sealer but also about the contractor applying it? With over a decade of experience, Barrett Pressure Washing has perfected the art of sealing pavers. Our track record? Flawless.

A few things you should know about us:

  • Award-winning: Our services aren't just good; they're award-winning.
  • Comprehensive Services: From paving to patio, from stone to sand, from driveways to fire pits, we've got you covered.
  • Our CEO, Jay Barrett, believes in excellence. So, every project we undertake mirrors that philosophy.

But don't just take our word for it. Look at our results our paver sealing services have achieved for our previous and current clients.

Look At The Results We Achieve With The Sealing And Cleaning Of Pinellas County Locals - No Paver Left Behind

You've probably seen those driveways in your neighborhood that always seem to gleam after rain. The secret? A top-quality coat of sealant. And guess who's behind many of those dazzling results? Barrett Pressure Washing!

Just think about the possibilities:

  • A driveway free of stains and marks.
  • An outdoor pool with pavers that look as fresh as the day they were laid.
  • A patio where the joints between each paver are clean, and the color shines through.

If you want your pavers or driveway sealed by the best in the business, contact our amazing team today for complete restoration of your pavers.

We Use Only The Best Sealer To Seal Pavers For Years To Come

When it comes to paver sealing, the sealer you choose makes all the difference. But at Barrett Pressure Washing, we don't settle for anything less than the best.

Benefits of our sealers:

  • Water resistance: Perfect for Tampa's unpredictable weather.
  • Longevity: Your pavers will look amazing for years, saving you time and money.
  • Versatility: From travertine to brick, from store bought to custom-made, our sealers can handle it all.

Services are more than just a transaction for us. It's about ensuring that when you look at your home, it reflects the pride and care you invest in it.

So, curious about the design, locations, or cost? Drop by our store or check our website's div class section for a detailed breakdown.


Is Paver Sealing A Good Idea?

Yes, paver sealing is a good idea as it will increase the longevity of your pavers. Pavers that are exposed to rain water and the harsh Florida sun can cause them to break down. When you seal your pavers you are helping to protect them against the elements which will ensure they look fantastic for longer.

How Much Should It Cost To Seal My Pavers?

It will generally cost $2 to $3 per square foot to seal your pavers. That would mean the cost to seal the average driveway and patio area will range from $400 to $1,500. For an accurate paver sealing estimate, use the rate charged per square foot as every area will range in size.

Can I Seal Pavers Myself?

You can seal your pavers yourself, however, which paver sealer are you going to use? Will one coat be enough to seal all the joints? If you plan on doing your own paver sealing you need to understand all the information behind seal pavers to ensure that water wont impact your paver sealing efforts. It may be worth contacting a paver sealing professional like Barrett Pressure Washing.

What's The Best Sealer To Use On Pavers?

One of the best paver sealers is the Siloxa-Tek 8500 because it can penetrate deep into the pavers surface. The stone sealer will also dry completely clear ensuring that all the joint locations in the pavers is well protected from water in all areas.

When Should You Seal Your Pavers?

If your pavers are new you should seal them 60 to 90 days after they have been installed. If you have existing pavers and you require them to be resealed you should seal your pavers ever 3 to 5 years. In Florida, pavers will require to be sealed more often due to the harsh climate.

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